(10-13-1991 / )

All To Blame

Our world is in shambles and we are to blame,
Yet we sit here and play this same old game of who did what
And who did it to whom
Nevermind that we're wasting our valuable youth on issues
with people purely because of their race or their gender or their politics
It's always the same
Because humanity isn't comfortable with accepting their hate
Not when they express it openly from day to day

The world is polluted by the convoluted story time
That we simply sit here and except, even if most of it's lies
Because the truth is that we just want to help
We're incapable of figuring things out for ourselves so let us try
Try to fix you because we could get it right

And as we distance ourselves from one and another
It won't be our job to sit back and remember what is fact and what is fiction
When we're arguing with friction
The words don't matter as long as we stay with our convictions

You and I are both part of this great human race
But that doesn't matter, what matters is your race
The size of your face, the shape that you take, the things you stand for
And how they contract this stratosphere of perpetuated hate
So lift your glasses for the masses of the lonely and the angered
Keep your spirits high for the herds of people who use the term nerd
As a symbol for their collection of ikea furniture

Because this planet doesn't understand the concept of shame
The world is in shambles and we're all to blame

by Dani Baxter

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