All Torah’s Paths Are Paths Of Peace - Prayer Reflection

Poem By Lewis Eron

True peace cannot be found on a one-way street.
It’s a bit more real on a single line rail tracks
If there are turn asides to let trains pass.
Four way intersections train us to take turns.
Stop signs and traffic lights and turning lanes and rest stops promote real peace.
Good rules and good feelings and a little sense
Make for safe driving.
But true peace can only be found when traffic moves smoothly
Through a crowed city,
Or quickly down an eight lane freeway.
No grid jams, no fender benders, no blasting of horns
Granting the right of way, being alert, forgiving others,
Both hands on the wheel and not riding the brakes
Moving together, not bumping each other on our different journeys
To the same final goal
That’s peace
That’s coming home.

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