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All Travelers On The Way To Infinity
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All Travelers On The Way To Infinity

Poem By Charles Chaim Wax

As we trudged
to Coney Island Hospital
to visit
Jim Pitt
who’d tried to slit his throat
with the tiny attachment
on a nail clipper
Vinnie Early said, “The depression musta
hit him
after all he ain’t a dinosaur. Them critters
never did such a thing
lasted 160 million years
and we humans been here for a million,
something like that,
but the strings
in our brains is knotted
and the nerves
go haywire.
A design flaw...”
John Couch said, “The Almighty
don’t make mistakes.
When I was in the joint
they was dying like flies. Hanging with
the belt
the favored method
but the Almighty never sanctioned
such behavior
that was Satan’s handiwork.
Do not be confused:
The Almighty is the Almighty
and Satan is Satan.”
“All I’m saying, ” said Vinnie Early,
“dinosaurs never committed suicide,
and that’s a plus on their record.”

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Comments (3)

This poem is touching, and really sad that he tried to make suicide. peace and keep writing
I like the originality of this. I'm always a fan of dialogue in poems and this one is both interesting and amusing.
It is sad nobody sympathised for that man who attempted suicide...And I can't follow the conversation too vague as it is. Are these people trying to compare man with dinosaurs? If yes, then wat is actually the point?