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All What Seems To Be Is Not What It All Seems To Be
JBN (3/2/1951 / Netherlands)

All What Seems To Be Is Not What It All Seems To Be

Poem By Jerry Behr Number 2

When anybody wanders into a Centrelink office they would be
struck by its beauty and its officialdom. At the enquiries counter
there were only a couple of people in the queue waiting to be
served. The dole queue does not seem to be too long. Giving the
distinct impression that unemployment is not so bad.

In years gone by the old Department Of Social Security made it
a rule for all people on the dole to hand in their dole forms
between 8: 30 and11: 30 in the morning, which created a long
queue and a sign not all was honkydory.
The scenes were disturbing to anybody who saw them.

This is the reason why the government changed the Department
o f Social Security to Centrelink and redesigned the offices so
people don’t look corralled and getting the shits with the staff.
The effect the government was after was to visually show
that you’re the only one or few on the dole.

Now dolies can hand in their forms at any time of the day and
hey presto no long queues and to extenuate the effect got rid of
the Commonwealth Employment Services. The Job Networks
were created in its place to cater for all the dolies
looking for work.

Making Centrelink look like a highly benevolent,
respectable office catering for all the people
on the dole, along with all the other pensioners
and unmarried mums and
people on welfare.

Isn’t it just terrific?

The whole idea behind all these reforms is to help the
unemployed to death, because the unemployed can’t talk back.
The government and its systems do not solve your
unemployment problems, rather they hope you disappear,
unable to cope with their wretched relentless help.

Example: An unemployed 59 year old bloke who hasn’t worked
for 25 years is forced to do computer course even though he
knows he’ll never get a job there because of his age. The
government thinks because the unemployed bloke hates their
help he’ll disappear into the workforce.

Isn’t it just terrific?

The government got rid
of the Commonwealth Employment
Services to get rid of the pesky unions who could have defended the old and the lame unemployed. Now the government can continue to help the unemployed to death
and the unemployed can’t talk back. They disappear.
They do not get you a job.
Isn’t it just terrific? ©

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