All Winged Creatures I Have Loved

All the winged creatures I have loved!
And when, a child, I 'neath the thicket roved,
I from their nests the little birds conveyed—
At first, of reeds I cages for them made,
Where, mid green mosses, I to tame them tried.
Later, I used to leave the windows wide:
They flew not off, or if the woods their choice,
Still they returned whene'er they heard my voice.
A dove and I long lived in friendliness!
Now I the art of taming souls possess.

by Victor Marie Hugo

Comments (13)

Lovely poem nicely brought forth in good rhyme scheme with insight.
Excellent poem, Thanks foe sharing....Winged creatures deserved this poem.
A dove and I long lived in friendliness. A beautiful poem on the romance of nature. Nicely written and well expressed. Sylva
i love nature's creatures.
Marvelous poem teaching the art of winning over living things with love and tender care for the winged creatures. Thanks for sharing it here.
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