A Fallen Leaf

A fallen leaf from an old lime tree,
Trembling in the southerly breeze,
Like my heart running free,
Through unknown territory and a time to seize

Our love, as we steer our boat on the lovely river Lee,
The wind is like the seal of our kiss of united love,
The sky is like our faith in God above,
Peace is a bird like a white dove

Flying with our all consuming love,
As a sign of eternity,
Of adoring you and you adoring me,
To beyond the end of time,

When we will gather our dreams in our prime
And with courage to fend off any thief,
Like a fallen leaf
Trembling in the breeze,

We take stock as our feelings rock,
Around our twenty-four hour clock,
Soaking up the heat of the day
Drowning in the sudden burst of rain,

But we still hold hands along our way,
We travel in our hearts and souls down a winding trail,
You know at times I'm mentally frail,
But your soft, insightful eyes

Send me love letters through nature's mail,
Like a fallen leaf settled on solid ground,
With your loving force of nature all around.

by Hazel Durham

Comments (4)

Happy poems make you happy- joyful. I enjoyed the poem and the comments- Who added and corrected Glittered and framed more!
The missing verse is (as far as I remember) : Sing ye all softly, now dreams let us weave him Wind him in slumber and there let us leave him the wanderer sleepest, now soft be his pillow Lullabye, lullabye alder and willow
yes sara, i'm pretty sure myself...
i think a verse of this is missing...