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All You

All you who are self serving who take but never give
You will not enlighten others by the way you choose to live,
You cannot inspire in others the desire for a better life to lead
If all you ever talk about is your own selfish need.

All you who believe to succeed you must drag others down
And that money is the only thing to earn you respect and renown
Have got the wrong philosophy for life for if you wrong some one in any way
Then to the one known as karma you might have some price to pay.

All you who feel superior to those with less assets and money than you
To your small soul it would appear any light not getting through
And though money is important and it can buy you a new car
Despite it's value it will never prove the type of person that you are.

That is unless you know how to share with others and kindness and generosity of spirit you embrace
And that by you living in it you make the World a better place
But if you take and take and never give though you may be a millionaire
You are just one more self serving person since you don't know how to share.

All you who are self serving and who only think of your own need
Belong to the unenlightened those who see the good in greed
And the World not better for you living in it your own self you deceive
If you think successful people only know how to receive.

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