All You

Never has their been an utter perfection. The eyes of an angel look deep within my soul offering only comfort in an attempt to save me from myself. The gentle touch of one so pure electrifies my mind, questioning everything that has come to pass and for one brief monet, I see beauty within myself through his eyes. If anything is spoken it is not heard for silence is the roar within my soul. The peace that was found inside those eyes, struck my very core, giving my mind a silent slumber, no longer chained or greiving. When words are spoken a melodious tune I have been longing to hear sings forth and beckons to me, silently screaming my name. As if a sheep lost from the herd I leap and bound to the voice which joins me in my circle of myself. Yet myself it no longer contains. My being is rushed for to the very brink of life and for a moment i felt alive. For a moment I felt peace. And for the briefest moment, I feel hopelessly in love once more.

by shelbie bozeman

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