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All You Need Is Love

All you need is love a song title of the Beatles though words are quite easily said
But saying All you need is love to your baker will not get you a loaf of his bread
Since he doesn't look at life in that way and his heart never rules his head
He'll say your money will buy a loaf from me on love people cannot be fed.

All you need is love some will tell you those who in truth do live well
They've never lived in the Suburb where to live is Earthly hell
In rooms with damp walls with cracks in the plaster with All you need is love they would not agree
Such words would not ease their burden of hardship raise them above their poverty.

All you need is love is for wealthy people though money covers most everything
They need love to happiness love leads since their money joy to them cannot bring
But All you need is love is of no use to the pauper the poor homeless soul of the Street
Without money one cannot buy booze and tobacco and without money one cannot eat.

All you need is love does sound interesting but such words are so easy to say
Words for the Beatles that made millions and for themselves they did okay
But all you need is love no use to the Landlord from his Tenant on rent due by day
For he too only deals in money since he too has got bills to pay.

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