BB (3-23-92 / Las Vegas)

All You Need Is Love

The Beatles were on to something
when John Lennon wrote 'All You Need is Love.'
Culture preached love, hippies breathed love.
We need to live a life of love.

What is love? What is love to you?
Your view of love defines
the way you treat people
and ultimately how people treat you.

When we love others,
we love Him who created us.
The only purpose we were created for,
to love and to be loved. And what a purpose it is.

Love is selfless, it is tender.
Love keeps no record of wrong!
Love endures, it carries on.
When you are shaken to the core, love never fails.

by Ben Bergeth

Comments (3)

Love is eternal, your poem articulates the infinitesimal quality of the love which we are all heir to.
Excellent write and well penned! Keep it up! Love and Peace...
I love this poem it has so much meaning! Marissa :)