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All You Need Is Me.
YF ( / New Rochelle)

All You Need Is Me.

Poem By Yaritza Florencio

So many love poems and not one seems just right
Nothing to describe what happens when you’re in my sight
Cuz baby its like I’m the steering wheel and you’re the car
Baby its like you’re the sky and I’m the star
Baby its like you’re the dress and I’m the shoes
Oh gosh it’s like you’re the piano and I’m the blues

Bear with me; give me time to explain...
That it’s like I’m the air and you’re the plane
That it’s like you’re the mystery and I’m the clue
It’s like I’m the scissors and you’re the glue
It’s like I’m beyonce and your Jay-z
Sweetheart it’s like I’m the lock and you’re the key

Give a couple more minutes just to say
That I’m the light and you’re the day
That you’re the encore and I’m the clap
Baby its like you’re the directions and I’m the map
Sweetheart I’m the pot and you’re the clay
I'm spring weather and baby you’re the month of May

Getting tired? Still keep on reading to find out
How he’s like the street and I’m the route
How I’m like honey and he’s a bee
How baby I’m a fish and you’re the sea
Gosh...I’m a cloud and you’re the rain
Hell...im Portugal and you’re my Spain

This is getting long but here goes...
I'm the stem and you’re the rose
You’re Polaris and I’m direction north
Baby if you’re the third then I’m the forth

What I mean is that maybe this is where we belong....
That maybe we’ve been looking and for once were not wrong....
Is it so hard to believe that opposites attract?
Maybe I’m feeling so bad because I can’t be exact...
Because ive never felt so utterly rejected
Yet to one person so horribly connected...
This is all completely unexpected.........
With this stupid crush so infected....
What else should I do to make you see?
That maybe sweetheart all you need is me..

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