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All You Need To Become Famous

'Tis not easy to become one worthy of note
Though you may even have been a Koroit Spud Poet
That may gain you maybe some local renown
Though you won't become the toast of the small rural town.

You may be crowned a Legend of the Koroit Lake School
And become better known in and near Warrnambool
But the majority those who love cricket and football
Will not look on your honour as important at all.

For notoriety you may do something for fun
Like running nude down Liebig Street in the warm Summer sun
But the Warrnambool police will arrest you and take you to court
And no point in telling the justice that you did it for sport.

There may not be one for miles around quite as clever as you
But to be famous you so not need a high I Q
To be a good footballer will bring you renown
And will help to make you the toast of the town.

You may be a Spud Poet or a Lake School Legend of an exclusive club
But that won't even make you famous in Mickey Bourke's Pub
All you need to become famous is be a good footballer big, healthy and strong
And you will be honoured in story and song.

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