In Memory I Never Left

In memory i never left west of Millstreet
And the green rushy fields where the waterways meet
And in fancy i often does hear the birds sing
In a leafy grove in the prime of the Spring

The great gift of memory is such a wonderful thing
And Nature's scenes from my younger years such joy to me does bring
It is with me today beauty that i have seen
Like bluebells in bloom on the ditch of a bohreen

In Claraghatlea where i first saw light of day
And where i used to live when my hair was not gray
Today many there would not recognize me
Some may even wonder who the stranger might be

Physically i have not been in Duhallow for thirty two years
And for my younger years i have shed my last tears
But Nature's beauty i have known in me does remain
And often in fancy i walk in the old fields again

In Claraghatlea i am one who did not stay
And who knows where i will live my last night and day
But i brought them with me the fields near Millstreet
Of the green countryside where the waterways meet.

by Francis Duggan

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Although it is short there is a great deal of understanding to do here. It reminds me strongly of those caught in the Hurricanes. They need this prayer. Mohabeer Beeharry
Whoa Very true
Sleep time best time
Yesok yes ok 👌 I
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