RI (15-03-1969 / Paramakudi)


ALLAH ! ! ! ( Translation)

Original (In Tamil) : Subrahmanya Bharati

Translation : Ramesh Iyengar


Allah ! Allah ! Allah !

Stanza 1

You fix the spheres
and celestial bodies
in their orbits, non-stop and running
in all the directions,
though they are billions in number.
Thou art the great light untouched by
words and thoughts. (Allah ! Allah ! Allah!)

Stanza 2

Be they unlettered folks,
the speakers of falsehood,
evilsome, malevolent, the unpraying men
those who doth not stand by the
ethics of the virtuous.
Thou maketh them all
to beseech thee and praise.
Thou maketh the fear of death, leave thus.

( Allah ! Allah ! Allah!)

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