My Grandmother, My Best Friend

I still rember to this day how much i looked forward to coming over every weekend. When we would play outside and when i took everything out of the cabinets and we played grocery store. i rember when we would go eat breakfast and how much i enjoyed your cooking for supper. and how you was always there when i needed a shoulder to cry on. Then i rember when i was told that you had cancer. At first i wasnt sure what that meant but the more i heard people talk i kinda of started to understand. Then came the day you pasted i still rember it Sept 11th ive cried so much cause your not here but what i have discovered is your still here in my heart and as my guardian angel.

by Heather CCC

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Really a nice poem having great controvers and meaning behind its message. I like it very much. Read my poem MUSLIM.
wowwwwwwww an excellent poem Ill grade you as A+++ not for its content which is highly controversial but the style and the research that you have done in a lovely manner. I luvvvvvvvvvv vit -10 anjali Here's wishing you and your family a Very Happy and Joyous new Year 2010
Hi Luke - this is a well crafted poem on a very controversial topic and as such it deserves to be read and pondered. There is a basic flaw in the poem. It is very condematory of CHRISTIANITY which to some extent you confuse with 'The American Way of Life' - especially in verse four - America is a Secular Democracy not a Christian Country in the way that say Iran is a Muslim Country. There is no such thing as the 'Christian World' the expression should be the 'Western World' this is a common cause for confusion. Born-again Christians do pray and do fast but because we are under Grace and not under Law, spiritually it is a natural devotion and not an obligation (verses 3 & 5) . The problem tht Muslims have to face is the testimony of Christians who have found real PEACE with GOD (JEHOVAH) through Fait in Christ's Redemption. Many were like the people you portray in verse 4 but have now been redeemed and live pure and holy lives, not to attain their Salvation, but because they have already recieved Eternal Life in Heaven (Paradise) through faith in Christ. On the Cross Christ paid the price of their Redemption. I have scored it 10 because it is an excellently written poem on a difficuly subject. Fellowship in Poetry - JOHN.
A good comparison and an accurate description of Islam's teachings, now the scope is left for the mind and for wisdom to decide which religion holds the TRUTH and which Holy Book is the word of GOD....Voted!
An intelligent mixture, that's all I can say great man! a PERFECT 10.
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