(13/08 / hyderabad, A.P, India.)

Allah! You Are My Everything..

you are my guide,
when i m lost.

you are my smile,
when i cry.

you are on my side,
when i am alone.

you are my strength,
when i am weak.

you are my victory,
when i loose.

you are my sight,
when i can't see.

you are my light,
when its dark.

you are my sun,
when i am in dark clouds.

you are my moon,
when i walk in dark night.

you are my support,
when i fall stumble.

i have nothing,
still i have everything,
because i have you on my side..

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i like it....nice poem.
this poem shows that God is everywhere and he always help us.Great poem.keep it doing..............
God is always make us happy, lead us back to the right path, reason to struggle...Always there when nobody stand behind, the One and no replace.. Almighty make everything calm in me too...Nice write :) _Unwritten Soul
It's good. I like it.
I t sounds like a prayer, everybody is indebted to AlMighty for all the blessings he is showering on us and You have narrated it in simple but beautiful words. well done poetess. May God Bless You.
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