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As I slowly succumb to the pains of life
Like a helpless leaf trapped in the middle of blight
Love came along like a thief in the night
And held my hand through my endless fight

No words can describe how you made me feel
Cause you are the reason I am completely healed
Amidst the chaos that made me frown
Baby, because of you I no longer breakdown

All that I am will love you forever
Never will I leave you in your endeavor
Surely as the sun shining on the sky
Am certain that I will never say goodbye

God knows how much I really do cherish
Diving into something some people would call foolish
Every single day I smile because I know
Love has taken my heart and left me with an after glow

Out in the open I would tell everyone
Somebody look at what he has done!
Saving me from drowning from my own tears
And braving his way thru his own fears

Now I know what it is that they say
Things will be different each and every day
Over and over I will never regret
Someone like you is really hard to forget

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