DM ( / Odisha, India)

Allegorical Tale Of Padmavati

She is Padmavati,
Entrapped between collective honour
And Individual Dignity.

The Women power and
The women in pyre,
Between facts and fiction
The history and oral tradition.
Personal canvass having
The communitarian dimension.

She swaddles between
Values and the valour,
A woman's virtue
Against the societal galore.
Inspirational courage and
Ignominious compulsion.

A Societal dilemma or
A situational constraint
Is she intrinsically inferior?
On a victim of in-egalitarianism.

Her dignity is aligned with
Great remunerator tradition,
Tradition of Collective honour?

In fact, all these I do not know! !

by Debendra Majhi

Comments (3)

Traditon! ! With the muse of Culture! Thanks for sharing.
I have read extracts from Malik Muhammad Jaysi but the entire long poem. The story of tale of Padmavti touched my heart.
Padmavati: A study from social psychological perspective. Status of a queen as an individual or as a collective icon. Thought provoking. Thanks.