A Hazy Night And I Remember The Sensuous Playhouse

A faded rainbow splits in the shameful dusk
And prying stars scatter in multitude.
The dull sky almost a sparkle
And drizzle stops for a while.
The best actors in the world get ready in their ghettos for the rehearsal.
The beginners have no alternative in this low waged tragedy
And they grab the oldest profession.
Finally the pussyfoot greedy customers
Donate their hidden sicknesses
And it seems the each performer gets entr'acte of this chain reaction.

I dedicate this poem to the poetess Suzie.Gharib in gratitude.

* These stereotyped individuals are the victims of morality and their heartbeat is the Morse code of social imbalance. Life is not easy on this planet earth, though it rotates yet not a Merry-go-round.

by nimal dunuhinga

Comments (2)

Hi Anzelyne Very well written - I love your expressiveness in German. Maybe I should try German someday, A very Happy New Year and it is not bad feeling Einsamkeit. Mann versteht sich selbst manchmal besser. Liebe Grüße, Paul
loneliness described in the light various images.. just fine a poem. thank you dear Anzelyne. danke Dir.... tony