Alliteration Experimentation

Lying here utterly longing not to lose what has already been lost.
Ample ambiance to illuminate my awestruck artificial art.
Fighting false freedom to fend off folding faith.
Endless endorphins setting everyone up to fail inevitably.
Weary winged waste, waiting to flee this world.
No dirth of dirty dazed dupes 'dealing' with the world by shutting it out.
Ah, am I all alone in my aimless alliteration to achieve the written form of my aches?
Yes, but I yearn to yield to you all I write of.
Barely beat but broken by bestial behavior.
Now nearing what never should have been.
Unoriginal undertone usurping long upheld laws.
Can't cry, its a man's creed.
Pride is more powerfully important in this situation....
How then should I react when hatred is happily heaped on my head?

by Benjamin Feliciano

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Yes, I yielded not to yawn I like this poem!