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Allow Him To Dream Of Fame

In the World of Literature his will never be a renowned name
And though he may be a Poetaster allow him to dream of fame
He writes as good as some of the so called poets some credit he is due
He is as good as most if the truth be known for poets as we know are few.

He goes for walks in moonlit nights when the frogs sing in the drain
And he puts to paper how he knows that they are forecasting rain
One close to Nature in his heart of Nature much he know
And locally at least 'twould seem his reputation grow.

A Poetaster the so called experts say though they have been proven wrong
They use their Poetaster tag on this rural man of song
Of Nature he knows far more than they as his verses testify
And he deserves much credit for giving poetry his best try.

He can tell the songbird by his song and to Nature he is a friend
And in his rhymes the babbling of the stream and the soughing of the wind
And allow him for to dream of fame do not take from him his dream
For he is far more of a poet than most of the so called poets 'twould seem.

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