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Allow It
WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Allow It

Poem By Wilfred Mellers

Allow It
Written by: Wilfred Charles Mellers
Saturday, November 16,2013

So much pain and suffering in your world
Who really knows about tomorrow
So don't fill your head up with sorrows
Enjoy your life, the sunshine, and everything
For life is for the living
Smile awhile and keep enjoying

Makes no sense to worry yourself
Change what you can
Except what you can't
Accentuate the positive yeah
Don't dwell on negative
It ain't easy but you can't give in

Things happen, they always do
There's nothing you can do about
It's a wall so go around it
It's how you deal that determines the outcome
Don't make it drive you crazy
If you can't change it then just allow it

You've got to rise to every occasion
Set your goals high and achieve them
Raise the bar and go for yours
You can't achieve if you don't believe
The race is not for the swift
But for those who endure
You can't win if you don't try
Shed no more tears and open your eyes

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