KNS (July 14,1965 / New York)

Allow Me Too Free My Mind

Allow me too free my mind I got some shit that I need to say and I am tried of you wasting my fucking time.
The days are long when sadness appears I feel as if I have no way out of here, I am feeling blue, sad and confused and I surly got nothing to lose, my mind is locked under your invisible key there is no way in hell I can break free.
I feel as if I need to cry my world has been lost and I want to die "did I say that? Did that come from me? Can this be I allowed someone to get the best of me? " I thought I knew just what I was going to do, this time I was not going to lose, but as you held to this place I found this look upon my face that you did not allow me to be myself.
Now what they say is all too true you'll miss the water when the well is empty and through, keep this in mind while you are out here wasting time, this shit I say it is very clear "you run around as if you really don't care."
Hurt and despair is what I feel, but when the table turn as you know they do you will have this empty feel and it will be your turn to feel blues.
The empty feeling console my mind is driving me crazy and a bullet is what you might find. You killed my soul, you broke my heart and all I wanted was a loving start, now I am glad that we are finally apart.
Allow me to free my mind hear my voice and allow me to shine, my love is too real but your ass will remember this story and I will begin to heal.

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and u have! u are truly unique and genuine! u amazing!