Allow The Sleep

Close your eyes,
allow the sleep to
ambush you, in
the middle of no
man's land and let
fate gently take you
to a pool of
rose petals, like a
current of the river
that drags a lifeless
boat along the path
of noisy waters.
Let your dreams
run along the river
that courses, cramped in between
the dungeons of
rocks, where the emotions
of sand particles taint
it; Allow it to embrace
those sand dunes in
the desert, that give
birth to plants which
dance gracefully in the
soft air unlike, those
melons that shake violently
in the turbulence of
the wind. Let the
mountains that stand
by the monument of
night watch over the
river that wears a
piece of jewelery of the
glistening moonlight. Together,
let those dreams, thoughts
and wishes, join in
the midnight rainbow,
glistening in the eye
of a hurricane lamp,
dangling innocently outside
a warm, little hut.....

by nithya raghavan

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