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Let It Be!
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Let It Be!

Embroideries of
shadows crawl and go.
lingering sun blushed
as incisive night
kissed him.
For long trees rustled
mysteriously teasing
bewildered eyes.
Psychedelic night
wiped out all senses
haunting the brain,
intoxicating unwary
Endless juggling of
days and nights
melted in dark mirror.
Let it be!
I watch this, fixed
like a outpost of
lost lineage.

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Having learned to use plastic bags, does not make one evolved from the ones who throw on the streets! In certain countries, where plastic bags are not available, they have to throw the rubbish into the bin and leave the containers, mostly open buckets, outside to be collected later. When I was in Bangaladesh, the cleaners used their bare hands to sort out what is thrown as recyclable and perishable. It was a quite disturbing scene. Regarding your meeting in the backyard, it does not look like that you all want to teach the new neighbor how to tie the garbage bag, but it looks like one of the scenes in the 'desperate housewives', scheming..
This is so funny and dark and twisted a little. Still, I love it.