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Allusions Of A Perfect Bouquet
(May 17th,1951 / Chateaugay, New York)

Allusions Of A Perfect Bouquet

Poem By Paul Amrod

Delectable assortments of bouquets are picturesquely arranged
to illuminate the auspicious, fortuitous and elegant holiday.
A proclamation invites meandering minstrels to joyfully parade
to elaborate upon an embellishment appearing at a passageway.
In a congruous state of interplay the illustrious interchange
will weave a display of colorful fireworks which begin to ricochet.
Alternating waves modify the elucidation assimilating a range
of implications ratifying the speculations of a decorative cascade.
Liberating choruses of an euphonious verse awaken the pastor
as his sheep saunter subsequently amusing a lyrical protégé.
In the attempt to beautify the enigmatic allusion the apprentice
utters a connotation expressing the prospective of inevitable rapture.
Inspired are the synergetic energies collaborating their heroics
while stupefying the skeptics who inconsistently learn from osmosis.
Bridging the pathways and thoroughfares the compass will aid
the developing convolutions preparing the arrival of the unpretentious.
Witnessing the pureness of intent the indigenous pursue their analysis
Distance voices attuned to the mysteries of ages past will assure us focus
as we extricate the deeper meaning of existence and our futuristic stature.
Ornate variations enlighten the youth as the impresario encloses
a mysterious rendition paraphrasing our subtle quintessence.
As the evening evolves apparently sovereign from its origin all will be construed
as if the morning will flourish like a tulip's bulb soon after the long-awaited crocus.
The starlight will glimmer lightly as the moonbeams persevere with a wholeness
consuming the ghostly memoirs of the spirits and harlequins of this spellbinding circus.
Amazingly brilliant streams a rainbow of overflowing optimism prompting
the deliberation of consciousness and the serendipity of nature.
We conjure the simple-minded with a gnome's riddling rhyme as we transpose
a melody amidst the broken wings of a fallen angel pending his transcendence.
Surviving like a phoenix in his consequence he has propelled forward as he chose
to rise from his cinders to proclaim a personal triumph tasting the deepest pleasure.

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