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Almond Blossoms

Almond blossoms

Spring once again has arrived
My dear; and you are in the air
Can't ever, won't forget
The flood that shattered…
Murdered were the Gardens
And slain were our farms
Fell the roofs and the walls
Displaced, immigrants…
Forcefully we ended in the town,
You remained, we went to Esfahan…
There, mother sold all her jewels
There, father searched for a job.

Master of yesterdays
Worked too hard to earn life
And our mom, daughter of the Arbab
Secretly, in hiding did clean the crops
She did so for others; not for us.
Our life was miserable
Like today's Syrians, innocent
Homes shattered went away; scattered,
Lost respect; no one cares to accept.

Doubtlessly I was child
Five or six, not seven
And I had a mission
In truck with message.
Came to you for a while
"Kill the lamb, process
Send bag of flour …"

Together and with help
Of neighbour, all settled
In my bed…I slept
Had dream and shouted:
"Do not go driver…"

You woke me and told me:
"It is dream; you asleep…"
In morning, before leave
You picked the blossoms
And set them on my chest.

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