BCF ((May 13th,1988- / New York)


Lost Love...
Shall not be forgotten unless it was unwanted from the start
From the start
I mistreated the one I swore I loved, I tore her apart
Ripped out her Heart
Laughed at her tears
Her tears...Her tears...
The warmth from her tears only made my heart colder
The heated stress from her eyes....Made me cry (Almost)
Then I thought
Love is Lost.....
Only to be found by another lover
Best believe you'll find another
& another.......
& another set of feelings
If all esle fails...There's always Sexual Healing
Never fails.....It'll get you right
It never fails....2 get me 2 write
Late Nights, Long sessions
Never got her name, Damn what a first impression
We made LOVE, and I HATE love
But LOVEd to LOVE her
LOVEd 2 be her LOVEr
Could this be LOVE?
Nah never twice
Cupid wouldn't waste his time
That'd be like me wasting a line
I do that when thoughts slip my mind
Wasting Thoughts away.....Bye Bye
Cupid Said Hello
Long before I was given the chance 2 say GoodBye
He gave me a girl with a fetish of mine
A foreign girl with luring eyes
She was the FISHerWOman reeling me in by my lip
I still aint pulled in that lip
She's calling me back for seconds..So I'm take that trip

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