Poem By Tessa Eichhorst

I almost didn't hear
your laugh, I almost had
to cry all night, and
you almost left
our sight.

I almost lost my
best friend, with many
secrets and good times
we hold; she's more like
a sister, I love her dearly
too afraid to let our
friendship bond go.

Her vibrant smile we almost
missed, her cheerful voice
almost closed, but out
from the sky came a guardian
angel from heaven's throne.
God said it was not yet her
time, and sent her Grandpa
down from above, to save
his little girl, so we can
give her more kisses and hugs.

I don't know what almost
cold have happened, for a lot
she helps me through, so
from now on I'll tell her
how much I care, so almost,
our friendship can never ruin

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A Sister Is.....

A sister is your guardian angel if she's older,
and your constant shadow if she's younger.
She's your best friend in all your endevours.
Your confidant, protector of your heart,


All these years I've spent without you
physically in my life, but you clearly are
an inspiration. Lately I've tried to be
what you were and what your spirit still


Everytime I see your face whether in
person or in thought, I feel the need to
smile. You bring joy to my heart, a
beam of sunlight to my face, and


I'm wishing that this day would
have never come, the day, today,
that you went away.

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days, weeks, even months.
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will be one she will never

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Too many times has something held me back from achieving something great. I almost stopped my life waiting for your next move; a move I'd still be standing in line for.

I try to tell myself my life is greater than you, greater than this facade we both went through. I've now released the pressure of you and walked away.