Almost A Princess

Almost a princess
Missed it by inches
Another dream, she’ll never find
She never forgets
This gift…Tourette’s
Now it follows her all the time
She wonders why
They had to die
Tries to leave it all behind
The rhymes she makes
Happiness she fakes
She’s quite a poet in her mind
The girl in the mirror
With no one near her
Reality is so unkind
Church on day seven
Last chance for heaven
When roll is called…seats assigned
Accepted her duty
Not senile…just moody
Family… the ties that bind
Her crying eyes
Convenient lies
Responsibility now defined
Will he look for her?
Her knight in armor
Just a fantasy…she designed?
How will she look to him?
If ever she knew him
This tiny princess who never shined.

by maggie signaigo

Comments (2)

This is excellent, sad, but not maudlin. Your words pour out in a stream-of-conscience but emotionally vivid stream. Well-done, L&T
Aww, I really loved that poem it was so sad. (but then again that's the stuff I love) I was very well writen flows nicely.