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Almost A Sonnet
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Almost A Sonnet

My drug of choice is food, while my wife
prefers the smoky kiss of cigarettes.

We have a truce now, whereby I don't nag her:
she more or less leaves me alone, as well.
That seems the best—respect the person
to make choices. I can't see, of course,
beyond today's horizon. Consequences
await us, statistically, around the bend,
although there always seem to be a few
who slip somehow past statistics' tentacles.

My mental calculus of today's enjoyment
depends on my forgetfulness of tomorrow—
we're ostriches. Yes, we all will die,
but when, and how? I'm writing this to shout
what I've been whispering, inside, so long, about.

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Comments (3)

Enjoy now and pay later has been the philosophy of man since the fall of Adam. It's brilliant of you to expound it in simple but beautiful verse.
I adore this - in particular the last verse. Great image and one to which so many of us can relate, I think.
I really like this sonnet, Max. It's almost what I'm trying to do with my broadcast series. Write meter that sounds like free verse when you read it.