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Almost Close To Live
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Almost Close To Live

No one is blessed with life to get,
Almost close to live it.
Those with dreams wished,
Either go for them or they don't.

Many are heard to pass Judgement,
Upon others who seem possessed...
With fixed visions to not let,
No one else to just float along...
In a boat they may row alone.
But one's mission once accepted,
Does not require debates...
To upset the flow already moving,
In a direction chosen and condoned.

Left maybe some who may disagree...
As to this action taken to perceive,
It done selfishly.
Since the odds are not promised to be
Favorable for the one,
Who believes...
Returning to a broken heart,
Patiently awaits displaying...
Tears and forgiveness.

No one lives blessed with life,
Almost close to live it.
And no one who takes chances to risk,
Should expect severed relationships
To quickly mend again,
After decisions were made...
That rejected to disrespect,
How they had been effectively...
Disconnected from them.

'I did what I had to for 'us'! '

-I disagree.
When you left me,
I clearly heard you tell others...
You make your own decisions.
And I made a decision,
To erase you from my heart and mind.
Leaving no room I wish to find,
In my boat to now know...
That boat you rowed has sunk.-

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