HA ( / Canada)

Almost Dead

It hurts and you dont see it,
this girl is far beyond those quick fixes.
sitting and staring at the wall,
if she stands up to her knees she will fall.
so empty inside, shes lost it all.
its hurts and you ignore it,
she wishes she could just drive away and floor it.
please, please, just leave her alone,
its all she wants, to be on her own.
please, please, just let her be,
let her cry till she cant see.
you cant help and you wont even try,
the least you can do is let her be while she cries.
her head floods with memories of lies,
shes waiting for when she finally dies...
the thought of death does not scare her,
she thinks about it numbly,
death is the mark and she is the wearer.
she cries and cries and now her eyes are dry,
time to put on a smile and time to lie.
her eyes burn, theyre puffy and red,
she woke up this morning and her pillow was wet.
shes so numb shes lost all hope,
she looks over at the noose tied rope...
shes thinking about this as she smokes that dope.
she made it that day, they day she really broke,
as her friends pass the joint, she takes another toke,
her life is a game, its just a joke.
you dont even know her and you never actually cared,
you werent there when she was hurt and scared.
shell never be good enough,
if it wasnt for you her life wouldnt be this rough.
but now she can deal, now she knows how,
just get through, dont think about the now.
dont think about the past,
dont think about this day being your last.
how long can she hold,
shes only 14 years old.
thats an awfully short life,
but the only one disagreeing is that knife...
just one more slice,
and you can escape from this life,
to a place where theres nobody to impress and everythings nice.
no reasons to be scared,
no more skin to tear.
no more tears to shed,
just cut a little more and lay on your bed,
go to a place where theres no more red...
goodbye cruel world,
im almost dead.

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i aggre with januel rhyming does not make a poem... well i guess it can but ur heart makes the poem... just let it flow like a stream or a creek
this is amazing...just a quick tip, but try not to worry about the ryhmes so much, its beautiful, but try just letting everything go