Almost Honest

I was almost honest to her
No notions no deceptions of winter
She like a feather perched on my sunny side
I looked for reasons not to disguise
A walk it was
A walk with the breeze

I was almost honest to her
Soon realized that I painted a picture
With colours she had never seen
We hopped with the pendulum that never sleeps
In mutual dreams
In dreams waiting to be redeemed.

I was almost honest to her
With closed eyes with remote lies
I waited for her everyday to be mine
Each day I saw her on the diminishing sky
A view it was
A view for my thirsty sea.

I was almost honest to her
Never said goodbye
I still have her on my side
Scared to loose her owing to my own device
I want to lock her
In my arms tonight.



Comments (1)

I loved the ending.This was beautifully written romantic.I truly enjoyed it.It was liked a lullaby.I liked almost honest and the truthfulness in this poem.Well painted :) beth I gave it 9 but nothing happened.