Almost Over The Edge

got stood up today
and the pain is almost too strong
don't know if i can take much more
of this torture and torment

i'm standing here at the edge
just about to fall over
wanting that blissful darkness
to come in and numb everything

so tired of all this heartache
wanting to be so much more
than what i am
can't help but wonder if i'll ever be

more than what he sees
or if i'll just be
another heart full of emotions
that he toyed with

on the edge of the cliff
looking down into the endless blackness
wanting the peace that it offers
but being held back by the love of friends

almost over the edge
ready for the fall
wanting the numbness that is offered
just out of reach

only my friends seem to see
what i am truly like
for they know that my heart is fragile
that i'm on the mend

so tired of this pain
i feel oh so ready to fall
yet i can't seem to move
for i am almost over the edge

by Grace Hays

Comments (3)

All of us friends are here for you, Grace. Hang on... and be well. Lesa
Grace..have you been listening to my prayers...yes he is pushin me..over the edge..thank you for saying it so wonderfully..
Friends can throw a rope and help falling. A good sincere write.