Almost Together

We are seldom together
Fighting time, responsibility
Slow years churn from quick minutes
Truly a miracle, we've found our commonality

To exist, though far apart
Your words I inhale, still sweet, kind
Angered at this distance, alone
Surrounded by people, each other we find

I've held on for eons, so long
This bleeding, hot and heavy heart I bare
Ev'ry now and then we connect
A quick laugh, closed eyed, moment to share

Such are the schemes of things
Great Jehovah makes no mistake
And I cherish every single molecule that is you
I'd prefer to love, keep falling, even without fate

So please be there for a moment, right now
And we will work this distance, someway, somehow
Stand firm through life and surroundings of doubt
We will work this distance, someway, somehow

by Reginald Goodridge

Comments (2)

This is common ground you walk on Reginald, I am sure a lot will relate. 10 from flying for want of dying Tai
The distance and two hearts are never kind to loves fate. A heart felt write. Patricia Gale