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Aloha Annie (Part 2)
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Aloha Annie (Part 2)

Poem By Dee Daffodil

Dawn started work at 6: 00 pm
At the Co-Co-Lo-Co Beach Bar

She loved the location
It was suitably located...
On the beach, near one of the island's
More extravagent resorts.

Toiling away the hours here
Almost seemed like a treat to her
Compared to what she was used to...
Gentle breezes, swaying palms
Waves kissing the shore
Happy tourists, and...
Mostly content regulars

The tips were good
The atmosphere pleasant
Life was good!

Hell! ...One day
She might even meet a new guy
Nothing to rush about though
This time...
A cool head would prevail
No more abuse!

She had developed a routine
Just enough flirting to get her great tips
Without ticking off any wives or girlfriends
She was friendly to everyone equally
And flirting with Single ladies at the bar
Was nothing new to her either...
At the end of her day
She always went home...alone

By 10: 00, she was in her groove
The bar was full of relaxed happy customers
Some wearing leighs...
Some...looking to get leighed!
She was so busy
She barely noticed
The tall good looking stranger
At the end of the bar...

To be continued...

((HW)/02 May 2007)

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Comments (6)

I'm reminded here of Dylan's Jack of Hearts in Lily, Rosemary etc. But this gentleman in the offing seems a little more sinister perhaps. Another intriguing instalment Dee. Fine writing. jim
And in this one, you fill in more details of your Annie, while leaving space for the suspense to grow.... I'm enjoying this. love, Allie xxxxx
Dee a nice continuance to this mini series. Lovely way you keep everyone on the edge of the seat before calling (to be continued) . You have that wonderful knack of baiting the hook, catching us and leave us dangling until the next installment. Good one. Top Marks from me. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David
Still hooked...onto part three! ! You caught me off guard with the 'flirting with ladies' part. Now I'm starting to wonder about her.
So here she is, flirting lightly with everyone (including ladies - is she bisexual then?) , enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. And not noticing the man at the end of the bar.........must go on to part 3 now. Enjoying your story, as usual, Dee. Love, Fran xxx
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