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Aloha Annie (Part 3)
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Aloha Annie (Part 3)

Poem By Dee Daffodil

'Could I get a beer Annie? '
She had her back to him
She froze...panic gripped her soul!
She wilfully ignored the request
Everyone on the island knew her as 'Dawn'!

'Annie'...meant someone from her past...
That could only mean trouble! !
She went about her business without flinching

She turned back to her customers
With two 'island hoppers' in her hands
And met his blue eyes, square on

'Aloha Annie'!

Nervously flushing,
She said...'I'm sorry...
I think you have me
Mixed up with someone else...'
My name is 'Dawn'

'I don't think so...
I think I would know you anywhere...
I'm not in the habit
Of saving Damsels in distress...
My name is 'Sam' '

For a moment, she was caught
Like a deer in headlights
She quickly recovered...
Nope...not ringing any bells...'

'Ok Annie...have it your way!
But I thought I might at least
Get a hug for saving your life! '

He finished his beer
And walked out
Without saying another word to her
This would take some time...
And he had all the time in the world...

To be continued...

((HW)/2 May,2007)

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Comments (8)

Yea, faster, faster hoss, faster. Was tempted to skip the comment Dee. Anyway must rush - fine write by the way! ! xx jim
Have you every thought of getting a job writing scripts? This one certainly reads like a television series. Great stuff. love Allie xxxx
Dee, I think it was imagination playing tricks on me, but this seemed to be shorter than the other two. Maybe the flow was faster. It was still a captivating read that I thoroughly enjoyed. Top Marks and thanks for sharing it. David
WHERE IS PART 4? ? ? ? ? ':
So, she finally gets to meet the guy who saved her life! I didn't realize she had never met him. I can't wait to see how this goes down. Still hooked!
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