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Aloha Annie (Part 7)
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Aloha Annie (Part 7)

Poem By Dee Daffodil

***Please read parts 1-6 of this poem first...It follows a previous poem 'Just a Gumshoe'...Hope you enjoy! ***

Sam and Dawn had decided
To walk along the beach
After giving their statements to the police

They had reached her sailboat
Which he had found and pulled up onto the beach

'So...do you think I could have that hug now? '

She quickly checked the boat for damages
And then pushed it out into the water...

She looked at him, and grinned...

'Climb on board...
I've got something better than a hug planned for you! '

'Does that mean that I'm forgiven? '

'For what Sam? Ohhhh wait...is Sam your real name? ? '

'If it means that I'm forgiven...it is! '

He pulled her close...
And gave her one of those long sultry kisses...
That would have just about knocked her socks off...
Had she been wearing any at the time...

She pulled the string of her bikini top
And then tossed it onto the deck of the boat...

'Come sailing with me Sam...
It can be a very rewarding experience! '

Dee Daffodil (HW) 01 August,2008

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A sensual end to this suspenseful series...very rewarding indeed! Well done Dee!