This life is making me feel so alone,
Desperate I am without a home,
There came a time I had someone to caress,
And then left me with only memories to cherish,
I cant understand why everything is had is gone,
Why everyone I loved somehow left me so cold,

The bitter extreme sweet kiss,
That scorn would throw at me from the bliss,
Yes the bliss of unbound hope gave me a life time to moan,
Yet, I wish it would take it away and just leave me alone,

I sit and think try to understand this,
And desire maybe on day soon God will dismiss,
Maybe he will dismiss me from all this sorrow,
Yet maybe everyday he'd be giving me a new tomorrow,

I cant take back all I say,
Because everything I say, is said and so it's too late,
All there is for me to do now is wait...

by Hoda Elomari

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