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flowers dance
storm winds rise
I walk this hill alone
the dry, hungry earth
reeks of thirst
the impending rainfall
yearns to burst
and my legs carry on.
Left, right
left, right.
Scuffle, scuffle
dirt and dust
trampled by my weary feet
wisps of earth
rise like spirits
little twisters of their own.
Sunshine smiles
clouds increase
winds in ever haste
Cars race by me
I keep walking
listening to the murmer
and the gentle sigh
the trees unleash with every gust.
The sun obscured,
the clouds prevail
and rain begins to fall.
The sky is crying
but I'm laughing
as my clothes get soaking wet.
And the twisters dwindle
and they perish
and my footsteps turn to slush.
Splashes, splashes
dirt and dust no more
mud and water
murky liquid everywhere
almost home and yet not quite
thunder rolls
lightning flashes
the rain just carries on
and my laughter gives to teardrops
and I feel so utterly

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