Poem Hunter
KX (March 27 / Long Island, NY)


i am stuck in this bed
and I am alone
the reason i am here
is that i am accident prone

Mom died
in a car accident when i was two
but right before she did
she said 'I blame you'

Daddy died later
with a beer in hand
he told me he hated me
i looked too much like her
when we buried him
i sprinkled him with sand

now i've caused another accident
just david and me
we were drunk as skunks
and high as kites
they told us not to drive
that we could stay the night
but we felt invincible
we were freer than free

I was thrown from the car
but he was trapped inside
i watched the car sink
and I just knew
david had died

now I am alone
in a room with white walls
they say I might die
before the night falls

and i hope that i do
for there is no one left
that is worth living for
my life is such a mess

i am slipping away now
look who I have found
its momma and daddy

and Blue my old bloodhound
next comes david
and we kiss a sweet kiss
as they lower my body into the ground

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