Island-in an ocean of tears
I am single, alone and my fears
Which to repair is huge painted wall
With natures gift sunlight in snowfall

by Aabid Masroor Click to read full poem

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Masha Allah May Allah bless uh my brother.... Beautiful poem
Masha Allah.. May Allah bless uh my brother... Beautiful peom
very beautifully the fall of words, I really like this poem.
Aabid, beautiful poem from you have mastery hand to craft thoughts in artistic form...As if the empty land sound so packed with colours, because the words you said make things more bigger than we can see sometimes, like this poem. To be alone however its not weakening, it strengthen if we know..if we know...
I had to come back for a second read and to put this stunning poem in my favorites...thank you so much Aabid...100+
You capture the sense of loneliness in such a heartfelt manner Aabid. a poem to sit with and reflect upon.
No fear to loose, no one to recall, no pain to choose That's a blessing!
Another masterpiece worthy of poem of the day as was your lovely poem 'Spring' (Poem of the day 3/20/2017)
I found this poem rather daunting and haunting. Ringing in my ears long after I read it.
Beautiful poem. Very true said in few lines, one is alone while facing all difficulties. Whispering waves sang song of solitude But when it stood as an symbol of solidity it means it has choose to accept forehead difficulties. Congrats on member poem of the day.
I read this and liked it. Then I read it a second time and liked it even more. You have captured and laid down in words a portrayal of true loneliness Aabid.. Well done my friend.
a poem of human feelings that we all experience sometime in our lives? .............perfectly penned.
Loneliness of a noble soul is nicely articulated. Thanks. Then what could death do when i depart Hath no fear to loose, no one to recall
Whispering waves of breeze..... reminds me of the song ALONE popularized by HEART.... congrats on being selected.....
Wonderful. Beautifully expressed feelings of loneliness n pain. Heart-touching. Congrats.
Ocean of tears! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Nicely done, Aabid. Congrats on poem of the day!
A fine poem, Aabid. Some wonderful lines in your poem. Love the way you end it. Thanks for sharing.
Wow! Wonderful poem filled with tender and heartfelt emotion. Could feel the loneliness oozing from between each line. Really profound and aimed at the heart. I have read several of your poems, enjoying them very much. Have added you to my poet list, and given you a 10 on each of them! Thank you you for sharing. RoseAnn
Verily, a lovely poem