To Lay With You

Is to lay on the bed of roses,
Soft crimson petals spread all around,
The intense scent of roses,
swirling inside my nostrils.
Tilting my head, i bury my head
Between these petals,
On your silky skin.
Laying with you
is to lay on the bed of roses,
So crimson, so intense..

by Tulay Beyhan

Comments (2)

Don't tell me you expect something else from the people...they forget you way too soon you might not find the time to forget them sooner, yes too soon...but you don't seem to have no followers and friends for what you write comes from the depths of your heart I suppose and that will certainly lead to something. You know, sometimes I too, feel that I will die unknown, with my poems never read by anyone, but what else do we have to expect in this world full of people, bones and arms and legs everywhere...
Taking my breath away with simplicity and power in one air felt swoop. warmly adrienne