Poem By jasmine boston

here she sits
alone and scared
wanting someone
to grab hold
becuz to her her
life is spining out
of control cuz
all she sees
is black and white
in a world so
colorful and bright
and in her mind
are thoughts of
suicide she thinks
she is alone but little
do you know this is
just how i feel

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No.hang in there always gets better

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some say we do it for attention
some say we have lost all direction
but little do they know we are just
scared of are own reflection and

Lost Lonely Girl

the loneliest girl you well
ever meet was walking on
that dark empty street
debating whether to


nobody wanted to listen
she felt like she was in a prison
surrounded by all thes feelings
and all of thes decisions


you said you loved me
you knew all my secrets
you was the only one that
knew i had a addiction

I Feel

i feel so empty on the inside i just dont know what to do
i feel so alone and nobody knows i walk this world alone
i feel like i wont last much longer in my broken world
i feel like a loser in this game we call life