RL (7/1/1984 / Topeka, Kansas)

Life's Bottom

Don't have far to go to the bottom of life, nothing has gone
the way I felt it should.

Life is a disappointment most of the time, can't seem to
make it right no matter how I try.

When will knowledge or wisdom come into my being? How long
will it take to learn what life is supposed to be? When can
I find out?

Everywhere is darkness and emptiness, a blank note of life
with tears all over.

Wherever love is, it's always hiding, waiting for someone
else to come along.

Thinking forever is too long, life ends it's show, let's
the curtains fall and saves the applause for another
generation along the way.

It has been too far, crawling alone, life has just lain
down exhausted from it all.

Another day finds everything pretty much the same as when
it started out, with nothing to it's name.

It's always that way until the last day of life puts the
score to rest, having done it's best, it can sleep forever
more without guilt, shame or doubt.

Life's candle just goes out and that's the end of it all.

Even with knowledge and wisdom, everything ends and no one
learns anything from experiencing death.

There's just no more air to breathe, as our bodies take in
their final gasping attempt to breathe and then they end.


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Touching and very true... i vote 10.
A touching verse. Loved it. best wishes suzan give you ten