Poem By Faith Girvan

People are staring in my direction
People are making faces, why?
I feel so alone and in the midst of darkness
Oh, how I so wish to cry.

Alone, oh how it feels so awkward to me
I'm used to people being my closest friend.
Alone, oh what a horrid and awful feeling
I am hopeful, hopeful that my sorrows will mend.

Everyone bullies, and teases me
All because I am who I want to be.
I am lost, and alone, with all of my hopes
But the only one listening, is me.

Comments about Alone

I loved this poem. The rhythm. The words. The meaning. Oh how I know what that feels like. The words you chose flowed and at the end it seemed like you whispered and left your voice drift off. I don't know if that's how you intended it to be but that's how it spoke to me. ~S.M.A.K.

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