AH (cannot say / Brisbane)


Here I stand alone and proud
Here I stand with my hands bound
with a deathly stare a gun sounds
aimed at me where it has now found
my weary body with fresh new blood
and now here I am landing with a thud
I scream in pain and then I still
With no means of life in me until
I gasp in the hospital with no life in my eyes
This again is no surprise
I feel scared and afraid with no friends by my side
And yet there are ones who in me they find
A kind loving person who knows everyone they see
But what is there for lonely little me
Again with a gun that I hold in my hands
No love in my life and still I stand
True to myself, Strong and Proud
This is who I am and I sing it out loud
Again I pull the trigger and again then I lay
no one can save me I'm alone to this day
And now I sit in my cold lone grave
What have I done?

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