Alone, Alone
I'm sitting at home, Alone.
Alone, Alone
Surrounded, but Alone.
Alone, Alone
No hugs to be had at home.
Alone, Alone
Rejected and Alone.
Alone, Alone
There's no love here at home.
Alone, Alone
That's how I feel at 'home'.

by Dama Tristeza

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greatttttttttt poem love it
Dama, that's what I feel about 5-6 years ago but the feeling still haunted me not only at home also at school
Dama, I know exactly how you feel. I once felt that way. I'm very sorry and I hope things look up for you.
That's how I felt at my home, too. I didn't grow up in Queens, but I was alone most of the time, though. I was in the country, so that was REAL lonesome. Nobody around, just 'little ol' me and my dys-funct-ion-al-ity.'