Broken, Confused, And Hurt

The words can not explain what I feel
But I am broken inside.

I knew something would go wrong
I knew something he wasn’t telling me.

Was my love enough?
Was it just too much?

Don’t want to face the world
Don’t want them to see my tears.

Maybe some how I can fix this
He means so much more to me than I know myself.
Don’t know what is going to happen now.

One part of my heart just wants to let go
Another wants to hang on and fix it.

The words that I feel
I can not form to say.

Don’t want to worry anymore
Don’t want to feel this way.

Love is never the same
It seems to always fade away.

So many things remind me of him
What shall I do then?

Don’t know which way to go
Don’t want to lose him.

Just sitting here thinking of what I heard him say
Hoping and praying it will all soon be okay.

I love him more than anything
I know he loves me too.

Just don’t know if it will last
I just hope this will pass.

by Kimberly Santistevan

Comments (4)

Wow, what a good poem?
And here I thought I could write.....Beautiful
I like this one.. :)
A message of the scarcity of life